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Slow your roll, smile, and give God control in these charming “Relax Sloth” Socks by Kerusso® in Red. Why worry, scurry, and live life in such a hurry when we know the Lord is with us, and guiding our footsteps? These bright socks are a reminder that God didn’t create us to be overwhelmed by daily stress, but to rely on His plan for our lives. Invite Him to be part of every struggle as you praise His holy name, and reach out to Him daily in prayer.

Proverbs 3:5 says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” Whether you’re dealing with the little things or trying to work out big picture problems, don’t go it alone. No matter how smart or capable we are, none of us are meant to conquer this world alone — and we don’t have to! God sent Jesus Christ on our behalf to purchase our forgiveness from sin so we can spend eternity in Heaven alongside Him. That kind of all-encompassing love gives us shelter from the storm all our lives.

Let God’s love wash over you every moment of the day, reminding you to trust Him, pray often, and relax knowing He’s got this. Think of these comfortable, breathable cotton-blend socks as a hug for your feet. This Unisex design is One Size Fits Most - Ladies shoe size 6-10, Mens shoe size 7-9.


Relax God’s Got This

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